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About the program

In 2017, the NSTMF launched the An Evening With (AEW) program to connect students and members of the public with the greatest minds in science and technology. These events, held throughout the year and around the country, feature National Medal Laureate and other STEM experts in intimate settings where audiences can get a look behind the curtain of scientific discovery and technological innovation. 

The AEWs provide a forum for the Laureates and experts to talk about their rigorous scientific and technological accomplishments as well as their personal experiences as students and young professionals. It is also an opportunity for students to understand that these accomplished scientists were once students who experienced challenges and failure. By giving students the opportunity to hear these stories, we aim to provide role models of strength to persevere for a career in STEM.

In every Laureate’s story, you will find commitment, struggle, perseverance, and success.

It is more important than ever uncover the heroes who inspire scientific excellence and celebrate their work driving our world forward. We need to celebrate the Laureates’ diverse backgrounds, unique challenges, and The AEW program gives anyone the opportunity to learn, engage, absorb, and maybe, just maybe, be inspired by a group of truly incredible people.

NMTI Laureate Joseph DeSimone (left) speaks with Josh Green at Stanford University on November 9, 2017