Celebrating America’s Highest Honor for Science and Technology

The mission of the National Science and Technology Medals Foundation (NSTMF) is to champion the work and lives of America’s greatest scientists and technologists and connect these extraordinary individuals to the next generation. The NSTMF collaborates with the men and women who have received America’s highest honor in science and technology: the National Medal of Science (NMS) and the National Medal of Technology and Innovation (NMTI). Their passion for knowledge has taken us beyond our own planet, to the bottom of our seas and deep within the neural pathways of the human brain. The Foundation is committed to inspiring the leaders of tomorrow to pursue excellence by promoting the National Medal Laureates as role models. In short, the NSTMF is a convener and catalyst for the science and technology communities by creating opportunities for education and inspiration.


The Challenge

Global competition, a global workforce and increasingly sophisticated job skill requirements are widely recognized forces shaping the world today. Against these headwinds, the United States faces a significant challenge in developing the future scientists and technologists it needs to maintain its worldwide leadership position. At the NSTMF, we believe that economic strength, competitiveness and a high standard of living depend on our nation's ability to lead the world in scientific discovery and technological development. These forces, combined with deficiencies in science and technology education, have profound effects on young people and their career choices. In light of these challenges, the NSTMF pursues three major objectives: Honor the recipients of America’s highest science and technology awards, facilitate rich discussion about scientific and technological discovery, and advocate for American scientific and technological progress.




James L. Rathmann
Vinton G. Cerf (NMT 1997)
Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
Richard Elkus Jr.
LAM Research & Voyan Technology
Ted W. Love
Chief Executive Officer, Global Blood Therapeutics
Robin Rathmann-Noonan
Design Team Leader, Yabu-Pushelberg
Todd Elmer
Director - Science Law and Society Initiative, The Future Society
Megan Roberts
Executive Director, Math For America
Andrew Rathmann-Noonan
Executive Director
Laura Charity
Senior Program Manager
Allison Courtin
Senior Communications Manager
Ryan Lasker
Senior Program Associate
Jamie Wang
Program Associate
Joanna Chou
Program Associate


George Rathmann
Gordon E. Moore (NMT 1990)
Intel Corporation
David Fischhoff
Philip A. Sharp (NMS 2004)
MIT Center for Cancer Research
Kirk Raab
Connectics Corporation
Gordon Bell (NMT 1990)
Microsoft Corporation
C. Kumar N. Patel (NMS 1996)
Robert White
Carnegie Mellon University


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