National Science and Technology Medals Foundation


National Medal of Science

Bruce N. Ames, University of California, Berkeley
Don L. Anderson, California Institute of Technology
John N. Bahcall, Institute for Advanced Study
John W. Cahn, National Institute of Standards & Technology
Cathleen Synge Morawetz, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Janet D. Rowley, University of Chicago
Eli Ruckenstein, State University of New York at Buffalo
George M. Whitesides, Harvard University
William Julius Wilson, Harvard University

National Medal of Technology

Biogen, Inc.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Denton A. Cooley, M.D., Texas Heart Institute
Robert Fraley, Monsanto Corp.
Robert Horsch, Monsanto Corp.
Ernest Jaworski, Monsanto Corp.
Dennis M. Ritchie, Lucent Technologies- Bell Labs
Stephen Rogers, Monsanto Corp.
Kenneth L. Thompson, Bell Laboratories

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